Wednesday, 6 November 2019
09:30 AM Registration
10:30 AM Workshop opening
10:50 AM Full papers session: Storytelling in CH
Chair: Sofia Pescarin

Virtual Reality Experience of Sarajevo War Heritage
S. Rizvic, D. Boskovic, V. Okanovic, I. Ivkovic Kihic, and S. Sljivo
Augmented Reality (AR) Maps for Experiencing Creative Narratives of Cultural Heritage
K. Rodriguez Echavarria, L. Dibble, A. Bracco, E. Silverton, S. Dixon
11:40 AM Coffee break
12:00 PM Short papers session: Digitisation and digital curation
Chair: Roberto Scopigno

Lens Calibration for Focus Shift Correction in Close-Range Multispectral Imaging
S. Brenner, R. Sablatnig
Lossless Compression of Multi-View Cultural Heritage Image Data
M. von Buelow, S. Guthe, M. Ritz, P. Santos, D. Fellner
Video Shot Analysis for Digital Curation and Preservation of Historical Films
D. Helm, M. Kampel
Seismic Simulation On Virtual Reality
J. L. Fita
01:00 PM Lunch break – SSST Restaurant at the 4th floor
02:25 PM Keynote: Etienne Tellier
Digitizing heritage: Preserving Sites, Fostering Research and Creating New Artistic Experiences Thanks to 3D Technologies
03:30 PM Coffee break
03:50 PM Panel: 3D annotation of Digital Representations of Cultural Heritage
  • Roberto Scopigno, Federico Ponchio, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
  • Alberto Jaspe, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4)
  • Livio de Luca, French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Edward Silverton, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)
05:05 PM End of day
06:00 PM Welcome reception
Venue: University SSST (4th Floor)

Thursday, 7 November 2019
09:30 AM Full papers session: Analysis and Visualisation
Chair: Chiara Eva Catalano

Web-based Multi-layered Exploration of Annotated Image-based Shape and Material Models
A. Jaspe Villanueva, R. Pintus, A. Giachetti, E. Gobbetti
Crack Detection in Single and Multi-Light Images of Painted Surfaces using Convolutional Neural Networks
T. Dulecha, A. Giachetti, R. Pintus, I. Ciortan, A. Jaspe Villanueva, E. Gobbetti
A Comparison of Navigation Techniques in a Virtual Museum Scenario
F. Borin, A. Caputo, A. Giachetti,
Accessible Digitisation and Visualisation of Open Cultural Heritage Assets
A. Medeiros e Sa, A. Ibañez Vila, K. Rodriguez Echavarria, R. Marroquim, V. Fonseca
11:10 AM Coffee break
11:30 AM Short papers session: 3D modelling and simulation
Chair: Belma Ramic-Brkic

Can Augmented Reality enhance to a greater visitor satisfaction of historical landmarks?
A. Simons
3D Design Of Ancient Garments
M. Carriere, M. Skouras, S. Hahmann
An automatic approach for the classification of ancient clay statuettes based on heads features recognition
A. Scalas, V. Vassallo, M. Mortara, M. Spagnuolo, S. Hermon
End-to-end 3D Color Reproduction of Cultural Heritage Artefacts: Roseninsel Replicas
M. Domajnko, T. Tanksale, R. Tausch, M. Ritz, P. Santos, D. Fellner
12:30 PM Lunch break - SSST Restaurant at the 4th floor
02:00 PM Keynote: Paulo B. LOURENÇ
Risk and conservation of cultural heritage buildings: Vulnerability assessment and the digital age
03:00 PM Coffee break
03:20 PM Full papers session: 3D Reconstruction and Reproduction
Chair: Livio de Luca

Motif-driven Retrieval of Greek Painted Pottery
S. Lengauer, A. Komar, A. Labrada, S. Karl, E. Trinkl, R. Preiner, B. Bustos, T. Schreck
Preserving ceramic industrial heritage through digital technologies
K. Rodriguez Echavarria, T. Weyrich, N. Brownsword
3D Scenes From Digital Bas-Reliefs
P. Casati, R. Ronfard, S. Hahmann
Experiencing art by means of 3D printed replicas: enriching the interpretation of pot oiseau
M. Samaroudi and K. Rodriguez Echavarria
05:00 PM End of day
08:00 PM Gala dinner
Venue: Restaurant Tavola, Maršala Tita 50

Friday, 8 November 2019
09:30 AM Digital Humanities session
Chair: Meliha Handzic

Infographics as a tool for advanced cultural heritage promotion
Isovic Emir medieval tombstones in the digital age
Gorcin Dizdar
Cultural heritage of Balkans in animated film Azdaja
Ivan Ramadan
The Enchanted World
Amar Zupcevic & Ivan Ramadan
Digitising historical photos
Tijana Krizanovic
10:45 AM Coffee break
11:05 AM Digital Humanities session
Chair: Selma Rizvic

Application of 3D digitization on archaeological material
Adisa Lepic
Mapping of Turbe in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lejla Hajdarpasic Senada Dizdar & Dzejla Khattab
Bridges to the Future: Community Partnership, Heritage and New Technology for a Better Future
Adisa Dzino, Aida Vezic, Lejla Hadzic
Audio Video Gallery “Sarajevo 1425 days”
Minka Gazibara Bajramovic
Bosancica Font
Mila Melank
12:20 PM Workshop closing
01:00 PM Sarajevo Guided Tour

Saturday, 9 November 2019
All day Field Trip

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